Q & A


Are you new to cat sitting? Do you have a few reservations about giving such an important responsibility to a stranger? Good! You are in the right place. Here are a few great questions and answers that will help you understand how it all should work.

Are you a cat sitter or a pet sitter? What is the difference?

Great question! The majority of folks in this business are pet sitters. They primarily take care of dogs, but also will take care of cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other pets. Because they care for a variety of animals, the services tend to focus on the basics: feeding, watering,  walking, removing waste. I care for cats. This way my time is solely focused on really understanding them, and I customize my service to best suit their needs. Because I spend all of my time with cats, I don’t have the scent of dogs of other animals when I visit my cat clients and that seems to make them happy!

Do you bring the cats to your house? Where do you care for them?

No. Cats are territorial and prefer the comfort of their own environment, so I care for them in their own home. Not only is this more convenient (no dropping off / picking up) but it is safer. Moving a cat to a new environment can sometimes make the cat anxious, and it may want to escape or may not be as comfortable.

Let’s say I am thinking about hiring you to care for my cat. How can I be sure my cat will be getting the care I want it to?

Before I even get started, I always meet with each new client so you can get to know me. I want you to be comfortable, and it is also a great way for me to meet your cat and make sure he / she is comfortable, too!  During this time, we will review what is most important in caring for your cat, along with the details of how they are fed, who their veterinarian is and general things about your home. I take very thorough notes and can provide references from happy cat clients. And by the way – I am always asking for feedback so I know you are 1000% satisfied! I love doing what I do but it only works if you and your cat are happy.

Aside from just care for cats, what else makes you different from other pet sitters?

I value each relationship I have with both client & cat, so I work to make the experience as effortless and rewarding as possible. With that in mind, I don’t tack on fees for our initial meeting and things like dropping off and picking up keys. I feel charges for things like that are awkward, and an inconvenience. I also offer a variety of ways I can pamper your cat (more on that in a minute) and often spend extra time if needed.

In addition to care for cats, I work really hard to provide my clients with an engaging and interactive community experience so they can learn and share everything cat. I feature a ‘kitto blog’ on my website, and you can find me on Facebook and Instagram.

Finally, I am very keen on noticing changes in cat behavior. Cats can be very tricky when it comes to hiding their own troubles, but for someone who spends as much time around cats as I do, they can’t easily hide things from me!

So how do you pamper cats?

I start by getting as much information as I can from their moms & dads. Anything and everything the cat loves is important in providing the best possible experience. Often, younger cats like lots of playtime whether with paper balls, toys or games and older cats like to be brushed or cuddled in a lap and petted. So, brushing, reading stories, special treats, rubbing bellies and cuddling are all ways to spoil a cat.

I really would love your help. What is the best way to get started?

Fantastic! Fill out the form on my ‘Let’s Talk’ page on my website, or email me with your name, phone number and some detailed information about your needs at cattier@mycatcompanion.com.

Thank you!